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Abi Timuss sex tape

Abi Timuss sex tape

Abi Timuss is an english celebrity: actress, poker player, television personality and former model, she’s increased her populartity thanks to a stolen video where she get naughty with her ex-fella John Leslie and with another woman in 2000.

The stolen Abi Timuss sex tape appeared in 2005 and was a great “success” for gossip lovers. The video is a 16 minute sex tape with Abi Timuss sucking and fucking like a whore. Before becoming a celebrity, Abi Timuss was a nurse (she graduated in 1998) so we really can think she’s the kind of sexy nurse fancy we all got in our pervert minds 😉

Abi is the perfect male-attractive celebrity: hot and blonde, sexy former nurse, she’s a great poker player and this made of her the sexiest sponsored player in the world, when Ladbrokes decided to make a contract with her.

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