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How to do anal sex for the first time

How to do anal sex for the first time

Anal sex is one of the most passionate fancies we all have. Boys and girls. Heteros and gays! But anal sex can be hard to experience, overall when it’s your first time. Here are some tips you should read about how to do anal sex for the first time. This post is concieved for both man-woman couples and gay couples. Being a woman or a man doesn’t change a lot in anal sex.

1) Remember to use condom
Anal sex is dangerous for infections and sexually transmitting deseases. Use condom to avoid this, you will fucking enjoy as well!

2) Breathe and relax
If you are bound to get your ass pounded for the first time, maybe you’re not so relaxed as you should be. The fact you are expecting some pain doesn’t help your hole and muscles to get relaxed. So free your mind, wait for that trying your best to relax.

3) Choose your position
Doggystyle is the best position to have anal sex for the first time. Your asshole can recieve it better. Another good position is to ride him sitting on his cock with the back on his chest. So you can move as you need.

4) It hurts, so go… slowly!
This tip is valid for both: the one who penetrate and the one who’s fucked. Get a lot of lubricant and lubricate as you never did your asshole and his dick. You really need this for the first time (and for other times).

5) Go inside carefully
When cock is going inside there must be some care. A good tip is that the person who get it in the ass take the man’s cock in his hands and guide it in the hole. Another tip could be to ask frequently to the partner if it hurts too much or not.

6) Enjoy
Now you’re in. Don’t start fucking as you were a porn stallion getting a ride. Go up and down with some care, then if you see that ass is working well, you can enhance your rythm. You will see that over time, anal sex will make you feel so fucking happy!

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