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What is the meaning of shemale


The term shemale is now common in porn and sex world. But what is the meaning of shemale? I was laughing when I read the Wikipedia explication of this word: the person who wrote it wanted to be serious, but he finally became ridiculous. Read it: is a term primarily used in sex work to describe a trans woman with male genitalia combined with female secondary sex characteristics, usually including ... Read More »

How to never cum and fuck her for hours and hours


It’s the dream of many men: never cum and fuck her as a real slut for hours and hours until she cries. But how to never cum? Well, we must say that there are many theories about this, and giving an answer to this question is quiete hard because every dick has his own life. But I try to give you some tips that should be valid trying to answer ... Read More »

Why men are crazy for blondes and blonde pornstars


This question is one of the most important ones for the entire human kind. Why men like blondes? Why are they so attracted by blonde hair? This attraction could also explain why we like blonde pornstars Well, many people tried to give an answer to us, and make us live better after knowing this. And of course, if many people talk about something, there will be many answers. All of ... Read More »

Mother daughter blowjob together


This is a quiete common fancy all around the world. Mother and daughter giving a blowjob together is dreamt by many men. I don’t see a real reason of that, even if I read Freud at univerity! Lol! Maybe the fact to be blowed by both mother and daughter gives the man a sense of strenght and satisfies the fancy to have a young girl and a milf at the ... Read More »

How to put condom on with your mouth


No hands, just mouth. Learn how to put condom on with your mouth in 5 steps before starting giving the best blowjob of your life! Watch the video Step 1 Open the condom and put your thumbs under the hat. You must be able to roll it down with fingers, but don’t roll it down now. Step 2 The tip of your tongue will have to push down the tip ... Read More »

What’s the meaning of bukkake and history of bukkake

meaning of bukkake japanese bukkake

“Bukkake” is now a common word in the porn world. But what’s the meaning of bukkake? Bukkake refers to a fetish practice which consists in repeated ejaculations by many men on the same woman. It’s a fetish practice tipical for group sex. Usually, the female is on her knees (but not always) while men cum on her face or body. Bukkake comes from japanese bukkakeru (打っ掛ける), composed by butsu (ぶつ) ... Read More »

How to have sex in office and cum happy


Hi, if you just came back from the office and are thinking about your sexy collegue, read this article to know how to have sex in office without having troubles. Before having sex in office, let me give you some little tips. This could be helpful to prevent situations like.. you’re fired! So, let’s start with my how to have sex in office and cum happy guide! 1: Check for ... Read More »