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How to put condom on with your mouth

How to put condom on with your mouth

No hands, just mouth. Learn how to put condom on with your mouth in 5 steps before starting giving the best blowjob of your life!

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Step 1

Open the condom and put your thumbs under the hat. You must be able to roll it down with fingers, but don’t roll it down now.


Step 2

The tip of your tongue will have to push down the tip of the condom, with your thumbs still inside it.


Step 3

Take the condom and put it over your tongue, completely.


Step 4

Now put the tip of your tongue, with the condom on, on the head of his dick.


Step 5

Push down with your lips. And the work is done!


And now see this pretty girl put condom with her mouth to this lucky man!

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