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What’s the meaning of MILF

hot milf mrs robinson

Le’ts discover what’s the meaning of MILF: MILF is a wide-known slang word indicating a hot 35-50 years old woman who can attract younger boys and comes from the abbreviation for Mother I’d Like to Fuck. If you want to imagine a prototype of MILF, you can think about Mrs Robinson, the famous character from the movie “The Graduate”. In porn movies the term MILF is used to indicate not ... Read More »

Mother daughter blowjob together


This is a quiete common fancy all around the world. Mother and daughter giving a blowjob together is dreamt by many men. I don’t see a real reason of that, even if I read Freud at univerity! Lol! Maybe the fact to be blowed by both mother and daughter gives the man a sense of strenght and satisfies the fancy to have a young girl and a milf at the ... Read More »