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Why every man loves high heels on women

sexy girl high heels

It is not a mystery that every man loves high heels on women, not only in daily life but overall during a sexual “meeting”. Me too, of course! I love to fuck a kinky slutty girl with high heels on. In fact, under an aesthetic point of view, high heels are not so efficient as we can imagine. If your ass is fat, it still rests fat. Just the outiline ... Read More »

Best websites to find sex partners in France

french teen sex

Are you in  France and looking for sex fun, sex adventures or new erotic experiences? I give you a short list of the best websites to have sex in France at the “coquine” way, as french say standing for “kinky”. 1) Webcamo.com As the name suggests, this website allows you to find webcam partners and have a lot of sexy fun. Not so good in graphics and layout, but brings ... Read More »

5 good tips for your sexy 2015

sex 2015

2015 has just arrived and we’re still fucking like we were in 2014. That’s not so good men! For my new year I’ve got some ideas to make it spicy and hotter then ever. Let me share them with you! 1) Try new positions Still fucking missionaire? Nah! Change something in your sexual life and make the new year bring you some new ideas. Fuck in different rooms and different ... Read More »

Inna Sirina, stunning brunette directly from sunny Greece


When I was enjoying on the net looking for a nice brunette, I was stunned by Inna Sirina: a super-hot porn actress coming straight from the hot sun of Greece. If you like dark hair, deep gaze and athletic body, Inna Sirina is what you’re looking for. Her dark brunette hairs tell us of a Mediterranean sexy story, and her eyes make Inna even more sexy. Just imagine her looking ... Read More »

Dress up with a Christmas costume and have the best Christmas fuck ever

christmas fuck

Dear Santa Claus, please can you bring me a hot whore ready to fuck? Christmas fuck is a great fun and I’ve been good all the time, please make me happy! My dearest friend, this is my personal letter to Santa Claus. This Christmas I want to enjoy presents and family, but also lovely hot pussies ready to be fucked as there were no tomorrow. Having sex in Christmas lingerie ... Read More »

Euro kinky teens play lesbian sex in the snow


We’re in eastern Europe here, and as you can see it’s fucking freezing and snowing. These two hot euro teens play in the snow and have fun, until they start joking in a sexy way. These girls are bisexual and they both like cock and pussy. They push them and swim in the snow until pants are taken off. Pushing away snow the brunette starts touching the blonde’s pussy. And ... Read More »

Russian big tits girl fucked in the street on the car for money sex


In Hungary our well-known PublicAgent meets a russian girl in the street and fucks her for money. He offers her 150 euros which is a month of wage in Russia just to show him her big tits. Perfect and huge, they bounce all the time. She’s attracted by money and big dick, so when she’s going PublicAgent says the “blessed” expression: do you want more? For more money, she accepts ... Read More »

How to do anal sex for the first time


Anal sex is one of the most passionate fancies we all have. Boys and girls. Heteros and gays! But anal sex can be hard to experience, overall when it’s your first time. Here are some tips you should read about how to do anal sex for the first time. This post is concieved for both man-woman couples and gay couples. Being a woman or a man doesn’t change a lot ... Read More »

Porn rap Lil Scrappy Pornstar uncensored full video

lil scrappy pornstar uncensored video

American rapper Lil Scrappy released a rap song called “Pornstar” and here you can see the uncesored full video. The song is of course “insipired” by the huge attention that big boobs, fat black asses and nude models have on both male and female public. Boys like to see those round and curvy models getting naked and lick, while girls need to find beauty and sexy models to imitate. So ... Read More »

Mel B’s coming out: “I’ve been in love with a woman”


Superstar Mel B‘s from the Spice Girls has done her coming out and declared: “I’m lesbian and I’ve been in love with a woman, what’s wrong in this?” Nothing, we could answer. Not only because we are tolerants and we strongly believe in sexual freedom, but also because we’d really like to watch a nice lesbian sex with sporty Mel B! Former Spice Girl has always talked clearly in life, ... Read More »