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5 good tips for your sexy 2015

sex 2015

2015 has just arrived and we’re still fucking like we were in 2014. That’s not so good men! For my new year I’ve got some ideas to make it spicy and hotter then ever. Let me share them with you! 1) Try new positions Still fucking missionaire? Nah! Change something in your sexual life and make the new year bring you some new ideas. Fuck in different rooms and different ... Read More »

How to have sex in office and cum happy


Hi, if you just came back from the office and are thinking about your sexy collegue, read this article to know how to have sex in office without having troubles. Before having sex in office, let me give you some little tips. This could be helpful to prevent situations like.. you’re fired! So, let’s start with my how to have sex in office and cum happy guide! 1: Check for ... Read More »