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Why men are crazy for blondes and blonde pornstars

Why men are crazy for blondes and blonde pornstars

This question is one of the most important ones for the entire human kind. Why men like blondes? Why are they so attracted by blonde hair? This attraction could also explain why we like blonde pornstars :-)

Well, many people tried to give an answer to us, and make us live better after knowing this. And of course, if many people talk about something, there will be many answers. All of them deal with subconcious so, dear brunettes, there’s nothing we can do about it. But let’s try to see some of the answers to the question why men are crazy for blondes.

1. Reproduction

Blonde women generally have lighter skin the other women.  Light skin shows defects more easily than darker so, when we are choosing our partner, light skin permits to understand with just a glance and in a quickly way if the blonde female is sane or not. Of course a sane partner will reproduce better and give us sane children. So, we can recognize if she’s a good partner or not. We don’t need to fuck her in our bed with full light in the room to check all her skin!

2. Reproduction, again

Sex is at the base of our being and of our life as animals. So, we can’t think about sex if we are looking at a female. Blond girls show aging more easily then brunettes or black girls. That’s how we can suppose their age at first sight and, of course, imagine if we can give us a sane baby.

3. Light

Blond hair reflect light. Much more then any other woman, we can compare a blond woman with a walking lighthouse. Everywhere she goes, light will be with her. So it is impossible to miss her, and a man is very attracted by his principal sense: sight! So he will look at her, and he will be attracted by those fucking shining sexy blond hair.

Technically these reasons should be true for women too, so they should be attracted by blond men. But it seems it’s not the same for them. So my personal opinion is that  we don’t give a fuck about this idiot pseudo-scientific reasons for why men love blond hair. We just want to see blond girls fucking!


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