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Why every man loves high heels on women

Why every man loves high heels on women

It is not a mystery that every man loves high heels on women, not only in daily life but overall during a sexual “meeting”. Me too, of course! I love to fuck a kinky slutty girl with high heels on.

In fact, under an aesthetic point of view, high heels are not so efficient as we can imagine. If your ass is fat, it still rests fat. Just the outiline of feet and legs changes a bit, but not so much. When I think about this, I can give me 2 main reasons for why every man loves high heels on women.

1) Weakness

Women on high heels are weak. They can’t walk and move easily and they need to be helped or protected. This is a unconscious but very true reason. We are man: we love to feel viriles.

2) Sexy fancy

Lap dance girls, hookers, sexy girls… Always wear high heels. And they are always a sexual fancy. So if a woman or your girlfriend wears high heels, you authomatically connect her to a fucking sexy mental figure you got in your mind. This is how the same girl can change from normal attractive to fucking sexy. It’s like she was another one.

Every masculine man love heels. Those who say they don’t love are lying because they don’t want to “appear” machos. Or just they’re not masculine. That’s all. A similar thing happens with long hair, long clothes or even super mini-skirts. With every thing that can make a woman weaker. This kind of fancy comes naturally between, for exemple, a boss and his secretary. Relation of power and masculinity.

Now enjoy this sexy secretary in high heels being fucked by her boss.