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5 good tips for your sexy 2015

5 good tips for your sexy 2015

2015 has just arrived and we’re still fucking like we were in 2014. That’s not so good men! For my new year I’ve got some ideas to make it spicy and hotter then ever. Let me share them with you!

1) Try new positions

Still fucking missionaire? Nah! Change something in your sexual life and make the new year bring you some new ideas. Fuck in different rooms and different places, from gardent to car, and enjoy new positions with your partner, or partners! Why don’t have an orgy or gangbang, for exemple? Try things you’ve never done.

2) Listen to your partner

Dialogue must be the 2015 keyword! Talk about sex and listen to your partner’s needs. You will discover how your fancies are still on the top and how interesting is to project together sexy escapes and sexy new experiences.

3) Find the time to please yourself

We all work, we all have got to go to markets and buy things, we all have few time for everything. But never put yourself behind all the rest. Find the time for you and give pleasure to yourself. Go in a SPA with your sex partner, masturbate, fuck whenever you can… but never forget that sex is our first psycho-physical benefit.

4) Go out and enjoy

You don’t need to stay all the time at home, jerking off watching a porno or fucking at missionaire with your partner. Go out! Meet new people, have fun, move your body, get insipired and you will see that your sexual life will become better and better. There’s nothing you must avoid more then being lazy.

5) Read my blog

Ehehe, why not? I always talk about sex and I can give you ideas, tips, references… reading my blog is a good way to keep your sexual antennae always up!


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